“Someone who judges the speech of others based on their dialect is the person exhibiting ignorance, not the other way around. People are generally aware of racism, sexism, and other –isms. Yet linguistic discrimination, linguisticism, if you will, perpetuates racism, sexism, and pretty much every other –ism out there — and isn’t as recognized as other forms of discrimination.”

McKenna Pricing, Speak for yourself: The problem of linguistic discrimination (via unbreakablevegan)

Lexicographer Erin McKean has a quote to similar effect about words that aren’t in the dictionary

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I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on


German design studio Korefe created the world’s first completely edible cookbook. Designed as a limited edition series for the art and culinary publishing company Gerstenberg Publishing House, The Real Cookbook is an edible instruction manual made of 100% fresh pasta with a classic lasagna recipe embossed on its pages. The Real Cookbook can be opened, read, and then each page used as a layer for making the very same lasagna described on those pasta pages.

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Descriptivists of the world, feel free to use this as a response to language criticism whenever you see fit!

god bless


 speculativegrammarian reminded us that today is Benjamin Lee Whorf’s birthday. 
I hope you’re relatively celebrating. 

“Being a linguist is more like a strange handicap: Where you normals just see unintelligible foreign gibberish, we linguists hallucinate. We see fascinating parallels, hints of patterns, analytical conundrums.”
— Geoffrey Pullum, “Linguistics qua affliction” (via na-vidya-na-avidya)